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Give Your Lady Multiple Orgasms & Squirts 

Course details for satisfying any lady in bed

Erection is the main basic of pleasure. without proper erection, noting will be happening in bed. Many times you loose your erection in half way, even before ejaculation.

My training will help you keep your erection rock hard till the end.

Girls always like great kissers but wrong kissing is always a turn off for girls or ladies. By your kissing skill any girl can tell how long you will last in bed. 

My training includes multiple types of kissing skills which will make her crazy for you. For example we all know Forehead kiss is good start but do you know how you can make any girl weak on her knees just with forehead kiss

Touching her breast or buttocks are not the right place. Ladies have more than 17 places in their body where they are dying to get touched. But we are only aware of 2-3 places. Touching her right place just after kissing will make her feel heaven right there. It plays a great role in your erection too. From here you have to be careful if you want to play for 40+ minutes easily.

I know what you guys are thinking now. But for your information, kiss is not the start of foreplay. Foreplay means something that will make your erection stronger and harder and make the girl wet and hot for penetration. Foreplay is not just body play or kisses or boobs press. 

Here comes my training. My specially designed “Foreplay to Flush Her” will help you impress any lady with your skill. She will come to you always because she know you are expert in it. 

Penetration is the main purpose of all the above plays. But penetration without proper preparation is the worst idea ever. She is wet there does not mean she is really ready for penetration. Never ever penetrate just after she get wet even if she is asking for it too. It will make you finish very soon.

Here my training will help you know the best time and skill to penetrate for 45+ minutes romantic or hardcore action. The best part is this penetration skill is already praised by all my clients.

Have you ever wonder why some ladies react so well to penetration and while some ladies stay still even during deep penetration too. The answer is the feeling which comes with penetration. Many men finish just after penetration or in 2-5 minutes after penetration. Because they think this is the easiest pert of intimacy. But “NO”. Penetration is the most critical part of complete play. Your complete stamina in bed depends upon this penetration techniques .

My “Slide & Glide” training will guide you step by step about this amazing skill. If you master this skill, you can be a king in bed always. No more worries about stamina for you.

Yes you heard it right, all three are different. Push, Thrust and Hit. After penetration it is important to move your tool in and out. We think, we men know it very well. we do not need to know this. Well as I always said Satisfying a lady in Bed is not a kid’s play. You need to know the right technique to make her scream and keep your erection strong and obviously without blowing out. For example if you are too speed you will finish soon but if you are not speed she or you might not enjoy too.

We need all three (Push, Thrust, Hit) at different stage and time. These are the key factors behind giving her multiple coming while you are still strong enough to go more.

Yes, Intimacy is not just physical action. We all know the importance of verbal skills in bed. Girls are dying for guys with great verbal skills.

My ‘Ear Entertainment” training will you master in this skill. An Engaging session always feel more good and make both partners more than happy. 

Every girl and lady likes to be dominated in bed. But only a pleasurable domination not the harmful or hurting one.

My “Dominate like a Devil” training will help you know the extremely loved domination style by global ladies.

Till here you both are enjoying well enough. You are enjoying her body & beauty and she is enjoying the dominant man on her. But now is the time to give her some bonus pleasure. Giving her multiple orgasms and squirting will leave her speechless. Making her yours permanently. 

you have simply know the easiest techniques to make it happen. Be careful, while squirting, girls need special treatment because it makes them exhaust. 

My training will help you become a powerful man who can turn any lady into bed wetting little girl.

You both enjoyed well for around 35-40 minutes and you are still strong enough to go for more 30 minutes. But she is completely dried and tired now because of those shattering orgasms and squirting. She is wondering how you become so strong in bed. And finally asking you to finish this amazing and memorable session. You should not just ejaculate and finish. 

My “Signature Mark” technique will you master in closing the game. Leaving a Godly Impression in her mind and soul about your personality. 

You did a long romantic domination with her. You did many acts to make her feel dominated. slapped bumps and other body parts, pulled her hairs, some verbal domination and more.

But end of the session she is the Queen obviously or a “Papa Ki Pari”. 

My Specially crafted “Back from Devil’s Heaven” is loved by all and ladies are always surprised to see your two sides together.

The best position for you is one in which you can remain active for longer time. It varies person to person and depending upon men’s tool size and shape too. Many times on ladies shapes too. for example if you have chubby or fatty wife, many positions are hard to practice. Or if you have smaller tool, you need specific position to go deeper.

You can get your best position in training. It is elaborated for each shape and size.

Satisfy your Chubby Curvy wife

You can take my help & guidance offline too

Chubby and curvy ladies or girls always require more deeper and longer sexual satisfaction than any other lady. 

If you are not able to satisfy her you can definitely make her happy by taking my course. 

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Meet The Man with 6+ hours stamina

"A Gentleman helped more than 5000 Males, Females and Couples".

A down to earth but dominant Sex Coach. Having a personal record of performing 6 hours in single session. At the age of 35, I met more than 5000 global Males, Females and Couples to train them about this most valued and important art. 

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